What is it that makes a quality slogan and why is it so important?

"Just do it"    "Connecting People"    "Central Heating For Kids"

Recognise these? That’s why slogans are so important. Good, quality slogans are catchy and people remember them, much more so than the actual name of the company or product they are associated with. Without a memorable slogan your company, business or website will be harder for people to recall and harder for them to find when they go looking.

High Quality Slogans

Slogans need to do two things:

  1. be catchy and memorable
  2. be informative - they need to tell the reader something about what your business, website or product is

This is sometimes not an easy task. Slogans must also be short and punchy, not even a full sentence long. Big businesses will pay many thousands of dollars to marketing firms come up with good slogan ideas but this is out of the reach of many, especially the small or individual business or website owner. So what can they do?

Making a good slogan

Find someone to brainstorm with. Sit down with them and just rattle off any phrases that come to mind. Say the name of the business/website/product and then whatever pops into your heads next. Remember to think catchy, perhaps using rhyme or a pun. A funny slogan is a definite bonus.

The other useful thing to do is browse existing slogans for ideas and inspiration and to get into the swing of how they sound and work. We have a great place to do that right here with our long list of slogans - you’re sure to get some stimulation.

If you still haven’t come up with something you like then another thing you could try is asking the internet community for ideas. A great place to do that is one of the question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers. Responses can be very quick.

Ways to use you slogan

So you’ve come up with a quality slogan and you are happy with it, now what? Well now you put it to work. In this world of the internet that means getting it out there and using it to link back to your website, or product within your website. That is what this website does. It gives you a place to list your slogan and create backlinks using that important slogan as the anchor text. That creates high quality targeted links that the search engines will pick up on so they will both associate your slogan with your website AND list your site in the results when people make searches with that slogan in it.

You can read more about how slogans list works here ...

We hope that helps and if you haven’t already got yourself a quality slogan then take some time to make one and then put it to use to draw more traffic to your website. Good luck.